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Re: graphics/gegl: fixing MacOS issues

> On Feb 24, 2020, at 3:49 PM, wrote:
> Related:
> Since this has been sitting around there for a long while and this work has been duplicated now: Is sendpr not the right place to send patches?

I’m looking at this gegl patch more carefully and trying to use it.  I am running into two issues:

- First, the build bakes *.dylib files into the gegl executable so it cannot run if the libraries are renamed.  Did you not see this?

- Second, is it not the case that Apple no longer supports OpenCL?  I would expect that a dependency on Apple OpenCL (which is what your dependency() does, right?) would not work.  Is that not a problem?  In any case, it should not be unconditional in the meson file.



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