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Re: CHECK_SHLIBS_NATIVE unset and other pbulk problems

On 10.02.2020 02:43, John Klos wrote:
The thing is that mk/check/ only ever expects ELF or
Mach-O, and you seem to have a different OBJECT_FMT. In that case, it
doesn't report an error but fails badly.

They both return ELF, which is why I'm at a loss.

Did you already try to add an .else branch for ${OBJECT_FMT} in

.elif ${OBJECT_FMT} == "Mach-O"
CHECK_SHLIBS_NATIVE:= shlibs-${OBJECT_FMT:Q}-does-not-exist.awk

Note the := instead of a simple =, which records the value at the time
of evaluation. It shouldn't make a difference, but who knows?

Do you use "make" or "bmake"? Does it make a difference when you try both?

When you run "make -dA 2>&1 | less" and search for "check-shlibs", and
then for "lhs =", you should see this line:

> lhs = "ELF", rhs = "ELF", op = ==

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