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openssl 1.1, netbsd-8

(This probably applies to -7 and various other places, but I have
basically pruned off any concerns about -7 from my todo list.)

Before the recent update to openssl 1.1, pkgsrc used the base system
openssl from NetBSD 8, currently or recently 1.0.2k.

openssl upstream is no longer maintaining 1.0.2, even for security
(unless you pay!):

So arguably the decision to require 1.1 (and hence the pkgsrc version on
netbsd-8) is proper.

This leaves us with a changed bootstrap landscape in terms of building
packages used to fetch things over TLS, as well as what seems to be a
bug in the libarchive build that uses system opensssl on netbsd-8.

Do people think this is something we need to fix, and if so, how?

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