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Re: rename isc-AUTHOR to zerobsd ? (Re: isc-AUTHOR (Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/licenses

Hello Makoto,

Makoto Fujiwara writes:
> Hi, thanks and sorry for confusion (of myslef),
> - rename isc-AUTHOR to zerobsd 
>   (with correction on years)
>     -Copyright (C) 2015-2019  AUTHOR <>
>     +Copyright (C) year  AUTHOR <>
> - update sysutils/bfs license to zerobsd
> Is it OK ?

Sounds good, only minor suggestion to try to be consistent with other
I would use to, be consistent with isc, mit and probably other licenses:

     +Copyright (C) <year> <copyright holders>

and name it 0-clause-bsd.

I think it's better that someone from PMC okays that during the freeze


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