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www/ap2-python fails to build

Hey folks,

I can't build www/ap2-python in pkgsrc -current (on NetBSD 8.1, but probably
anywhere), due to:

the python 3.7 headers definining:
PyAPI_FUNC(int) _PyImport_FixupExtensionObject(PyObject*, PyObject *,
                                               PyObject *, PyObject *);

But the module code doing:

     m = Py_InitModule("_apache", _apache_module_methods);
     m = PyModule_Create(&_apache_moduledef);
     PyObject *name = PyUnicode_FromString("_apache");
     _PyImport_FixupExtensionObject(m, name, name);

and I can't seem to find what the fourth arg to _PyImport_FixupExtensionObject
is supposed to be.

Any hints?


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