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Re: Rust broken again! (but differently this time)

> However, for NetBSD/macppc (powerpc) 8.0, I appear to have hit a
> snag -- the build with the internal llvm (which is version 9.0.0)
> does not succeed -- one of the tools built & used during the
> build crashes with a SEGV, ref.
> while using the pkgsrc 8.0.0 version succeeds, but then of course
> depends on the pkgsrc llvm 8 shared libraries.
> For NetBSD/macppc 8.0, I've tar'ed up the llvm (and clang) version 8
> shared libraries, and will re-try the build using the pkgsrc version
> 9.0.0nb1 llvm, with my saved llvm 8 shared libs, which the bootstrap
> will in all probability need.  We'll see how that goes but I'm not
> hopeful -- I have a nagging suspicion this is an llvm regression
> from version 8.0.0 to 9.0.0 for the powerpc target.  Hints and/or
> help for chasing that down welcome.

I've now re-tried by trying to use the pkgsrc LLVM version 9, and
the build fails the same way as when the internal LLVM version 9
is to be used.  So ... this appears to be a regression for
NetBSD/powerpc between LLVM version 8 and version 9.  Hints for
how to chase this down would be much appreciated.


- Håvard

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