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Re: Rust broken again! (but differently this time)

Tobias Nygren <> writes:

> Rust is now sadly broken on aarch64 too (and probably all arches except
> amd64?). The bootstrap binaries need which came implicitly
> from lang/llvm, which was just updated to version 9. So we have nothing
> that provides I guess the bootstrap files have to be
> updated. It's better if we can make it use the built-in llvm
> so it doesn't rely on existence of pkgsrc libraries.

It seems we either need a plan that lets rust updates happen without
breakage, or perhaps to have versinoed rust packages so that adding the
new doesn't break the old, and we can flip them to newer per
os/version/cpu as it's known to work.  But I am unclear on the details
and if this actually makes sense.    It is merely clear that the current
situation leads to frequent inability to build :-)

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