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Re: Writing buildlink files: references to ../mk/

> You only need it if the dep is required at client build time; e.g. if
> libbar uses libfoo, so libfoo's bl3 is in libbar's Makefile, it only
> needs to put libfoo's bl3 in its own bl3 if its installed includes
> depend on libfoo's.
Hm. The Guide says:

> Run ldd on all installed libraries and look against what other libraries 
> they link.
That's what I did.

> Some of the packages providing these probably need to be buildlinked;
This is -- erm -- not very specific.

If app depends on libbar and libbar depends on libfoo, then app/Makefile 
includes bar/ Now, if bar/ would not include 
foo/, then building app would not see libfoo. Wouldn't that 
make linking app fail?

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