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pkgin command semantics (was package version numbering change)

Jonathan Perkin <> writes:

> ug or fug?  ug will only upgrade non-automatic packages.

Can somebody understand why there is "ug", and when it is
reasonable/rational to sue it?

As I see it, the only sound situation is to have all packages from a
consistent build.   Certainly, we should let people do what they want
and deviate from that (as long as they say so when they ask for help
:-), but upgrading non-automatic (i.e., "manually installed", or
"keepable", presumably translated from French somehow) only seems very
strange to me.

So I'd be in favor of making "ug" behave like "fug" and deprecating
"fug" (but leaving it as an alias ~forever, perhaps undocumented,
perhaps warning on use).

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