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Re: package version numbering change

Manuel Bouyer <> writes:

> Hello,
> upstream for geography/opencpn-plugin-watchdog changed, and there is
> now properly tagged releases. So I'd like to switch to new upstream
> and use release tags. But this would mean that the package version would
> go from 20190228 to 2.4.6.
> Won't the pkg tools think that 2.4.6 is older than 20190228 ?
> If so what's the best way to deal with this ?

My vote is just to do this, and blame any manual work people have to do
on upstream.  I supsect it's not a lot of total effort (pkg_delete,
pkg_add the new one, once) times not a lot of people, and that seems
better than baggage from some epoch scheme forever.

A lesson, not really obvious, is that perhaps when there isn't a
release, the pkgsrc version should be


or something that's likely to be less than any released version.

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