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Re: Bring BLAS into pkgsrc, pt. II

On 2019-09-09 16:43, Greg Troxel wrote:
(agree to post-branch notion)

"Dr. Thomas Orgis" <> writes:

openblas/Makefile.common still contains some comments that should be
either removed or addressed.
Well, if this is about the TODOs … they would be good to have fulfilled
and not forgotten lightly, but if the choice is to fix them now or
remove, they'll have to go. I don't have the time to make things more
pretty after stuff works. I'd rather work on stuff like ScaLAPACK.
My take is that having comments about things that should be better in
Makefiles is ok.  The real question is if the existing code in the
makefile is good enough for pkgsrc proper, and I don't see removing a
comment as progress if it is still appropriate.  Of course
thinking/discussing and deciding on an approach, and removing the
comment is also progress, and this is often a tough judgement call.  I
just wanted to say that an absolute "a comment that says maybe we should
do something different is absolutely not allowed on import" seems too

I think a *strong* effort should be made to fix the problem rather than leave a comment for later, but weigh the time it will take to fix it properly vs the down sides of delaying the commit.  In this way, such comments are kept to a minimum and we keep moving forward.

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