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Re: graphics/scrot new upstream

On Sun, Aug 18, 2019 at 11:25 AM Santhosh Raju <> wrote:
> I went through the patch and made some minor change based on the
> suggestions given by you and leot@.
> * Made autoconf-archive a TOOL_DEPENDS instead of BUILD_DEPENDS
> * Added LICENSE as mit (I looked up expat license from textproc/expat
> this uses mit)
> * Updated the DESCR to be a bit more descriptive
> * Modified the pre-configure section to call "autoreconf -i" since
> this is effectively that does
> * Removed both patch-aa and patch-ab since they are no longer
> applicable to 1.1.1
> * Wrote a commit log based on the ChangeLog
> I have attached the patch and the commit log along with for review.

I have committed the changes after review


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