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Re: graphics/scrot new upstream

nia transcribed 842 bytes:
> On Sun, Aug 18, 2019 at 09:07:43AM +0000, N wrote:
> > I noticed a thread on the openbsd-ports mailinglist,
> > where someone proposed to change the upstream URL since
> > is "Not Found" (gone).
> > 
> > Instead of relying on one source I find it's good to
> > search for what others might find as a consensus or
> > a more stable source.
> > 
> > Debian started using
> >
> > as the new upstrean. Starting from that, Guix is using it
> > as well. FreeBSD ports switched to this source as well.
> > 
> > I propose we switch to this source, what do you think?
> If you're using scrot and the replacement works then go ahead.

I used to use it and it might still be used somewhere in the abyss of
my utility programs. But, ...
> I switched to x11/maim a few years ago because I found that
> scrot was in a fairly dire state and didn't work properly on
> my system then for whatever reason.

... same here.

However, I'll see if this new scrot works and send the diff here.
The commit log of the new source indicates that right now it's
active and actively handling bugs, which seems better than
no development and keeping bugs.


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