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Re: librsvg on 8.0 i386

On 2019-08-01 I wrote:

> It seems that librsvg fails to build on 8.0 i386, on pkgbuild.
> Does anybody have it working?  (My 8/i386 box is slightly troubled right
> now.  I use laptops others would recycle to test-build packages :-)
> I wonder if we should be flipping librsvg back to the C version for 8.0
> i386 (head and Q2), at least until this is figured out, because it's
> blocking lots of packages.

I powered up my old netbsd-8 i386 notebook, updated along -8, and along
2019Q2, did pkg_rr, and build librsvg and firefox, and everything built
ok, with no special effort.

So I'm not sure what's up, but it looks like a pbulk/pkgbuild/random
issue, not that librsvg never builds on 8/i386.  It would be nice to
figure out what's up on the pkgbuild machine.

Does this build for others with netbsd-8/i386?  In pbulk?

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