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Re: devel/gobject-introspection on Darwin

Hi Brook,

Patrick Welche has already contacted upstream about that but he has not received any reply [1].
I'm going to do the same thing today or in the worst case tomorrow…
About their windows port…I'm making an environment to build glib2 on windows but I meet some problems with meson and the building of subprojects of glib2. Ironically making windows working for macos…:-).



> Le 6 août 2019 à 07:33, Brook Milligan <> a écrit :
>> On Aug 2, 2019, at 10:54 PM, clément bouvier <> wrote:
>> Sorry for the laconic message, yesterday.
>> Concerning the undefined symbols in the build, it coming from our glib2 patched. 
>> In fact, the problem on macOS platform is that the implementation of "gappinfo" is gosxappinfo and there is not alternative so that suppose all applications on macos
>> is a "macOS bundle" but it is not true (pkgsrc doesn't build bundle, neither macports or any other packaging system).
>> We build by default all our binaries with X11 implementation (gtk, Tk, etc…) and these binaries suppose that devel/glib2 uses gdesktopappinfo implementation and the binary builds crash. 
>> For instance @schmonz patched the devel/glib2 to include gdesktopappinfo.h header to help the gtk{2,3} build [1]
>> But if we include the header gdesktopappinfo without any implementation in devel/glib2, g-ir-scanner in devel/gobject-introspection has a problem for making the gir-XML files.
>> There was glib2 upstream proposal and patch for choosing the implementation at compile time ("native", "gdesktopappinfo") [2] but it was before mesonbuild migration.
>> My patch submitted at pkgsrc is an adaptation to this patch. However, as Patrick Welches mentioned in the PR, upstream also adapted the patch.
>> The problem is that this patch failed their CI test on Windows platform because the maintainers just put gdesktopappinfo implementation choice on windows but this implementation is unix oriented so there is some header and assumption that is not true on Windows (typically #include <unistd.h>) [3]. In comparison with the patch submitted to pkgsrc, I only focused on macOS platform and I didn't touch anything to Windows.
>> So the plan I have (with Patrick Welches discussion) is to contact upstream and ideally try to make the CI tests correct so as to their branch be validated. 
>> I read your pull-request to object-introspection but I don't think that it is gobject-introspection problem initially [4].
> I am losing track of all the various patches involved.  However, it seems that upstream is amenable to the original idea of a compile-time selection of *_app_info as originally suggested for glib2.  I guess a reorganization of that for meson would fly, especially if it passes all the build tests.
> It seems that we should wait on the gobject-introspection solution until there is some clarity for glib2, though.
> Are you working with upstream on the *_app_info stuff?
> Cheers,
> Brook

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