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Re: String offset errors on evbarm 8.99 [PR 54159]

Please consider coming up with a test case that looks like this:

This linker command, together with these 4 object files, fails:
gcc one.o two.o three.o four.o
http://yourwebsite/one.o (two.o, three.o, four.o)

one.o was generated with the following command:

gcc one.c -o one.o

A -save-temps output that can be used to generate this object file 
is available in

This should make it easier for a second person to inspect this issue
without needing to generate their own test case, without needing an arm
setup, etc.

(Bonus points if you create it as a shell script that looks like:
wget http://yourwebsite/one.i
gcc one.i -o one.o -fextra -fflags
gcc two.i ...

gcc one.o two.o three.o four.o -fextra -fflags

However, given that joerg has looked at it, I wouldn't expect to get
anywhere myself. He really knows his shit. The best I can offer is
"re-test with newer binutils, and if it fails, make it an upstream bug

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