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Re: pkglint and R packages

To return to the nature of canonical R packages, I think we are suggesting that they look like the following:

# $NetBSD$

R_PKGNAME=	< R package name, i.e., no preceding R- >
R_PKGVER=	< R package version, i.e., often with hyphens (-), etc. that are translated to periods (.) >
CATEGORIES=	< an appropriate set of categories >	# XXX - directory should be first if >1; R is (should be?) added by Makefile.extension and should not be here

MAINTAINER=	# XXX - this can be used as the default, but something (or OWNER) must be defined in each package
COMMENT=	< an appropriate comment > # XXX - R2pkg takes these from the R DESCRIPTION file, which makes updates easy
LICENSE=	< an appropriate license filename > # XXX - R2pkg takes this from the R DESCRIPTION file, but some have odd LICENSE files

# DEPENDS+=	... as necessary

USE_LANGUAGES=	# none	# XXX - should this be the default in Makefile.extension and omitted unless needed?

# other stuff for more complicated R packages

.include "../../math/R/Makefile.extension"
# ... any necessary files
.include "../../mk/"

Does this make sense?  Comments?


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