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Re: mongodb3 fails to build after update, contains SSPL code

> Yes, I figured out that much.  But I am just typing make with unmodified
> pkgsrc on netbsd-8, which by definition works for working packages, so I
> am viewing this as a bug in the package.
> In the package directory:
>  $ make show-vars VARNAMES=CXXFLAGS
> which does not show spurious quotes.  I see reasonable values for CFLAGS
> and CPPFLAGS, matching in the pre-update and post-update versions.
> Looking at PKG_DEBUG_LEVEL=1 output, I see CXXFLAGS being passed to
> scons in the environment and on the command line.  But in both cases, it
> looks like
>  CXXFLAGS=-O2\ -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2\ -pthread\ -I/usr/pkg/include\ -I/usr/include
> with no quotes, just \ form :Q in make.
> Diffing the update, I see a rototill of the method of dealing with
> compile/linker flags and scons.  Was that necessary to get the new
> version to build, or just something that seemed like progress?   The
> previous version has a patch to SConstruct that respects CXXFLAGS in the
> environment, so I don't understand why passing it on the command-line
> too is done.  
> Removing CXXFLAGS from the scons build results in getting past the
> configure test.
> Can you explain the theory of passing CXXFLAGS in the environment vs the
> command line, which is preferred for scons, and why the package has the
> current form?

I removed this section from patch-SConstruct

env.Append( CXXFLAGS=os.environ['CXXFLAGS'] )
env.Append( LINKFLAGS=os.environ['LDFLAGS'] )

It was incorrect, because:
1) os.environ obtains a string, not a list of arguments
2) CXXFLAGS should be obtained correctly anyway from elsewhere in the code

Please, cvs up and try again.

Note, that this has been there since the beginning.

> Also, I see that do-test: was removed.  I realize that this didn't work
> because upstream had previously removed the file that was called.  But,
> please note such packaging changes in commit messages.

Like "Removed do-test, because it's useless"?

> Have you been able to build the package on netbsd-8?

Somehow Clang did not complain. :)

> What platforms did you build it on, and what is in config.log on those?
> Does this quoting issue not happen somehow?

NetBSD and Darwin, with Clang.

> This package has to build on netbsd-8, so we need a way forward (in a
> week, ish) to restore that.

Consider it done. :)

Kind regards,

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