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Re: mongodb3 fails to build after update, contains SSPL code

>> Module Name:	pkgsrc
>> Committed By:	adam
>> Date:		Tue Jul  9 07:28:30 UTC 2019
>> Modified Files:
>> 	pkgsrc/databases/mongodb3: Makefile distinfo
>> 	pkgsrc/databases/mongodb3/patches: patch-SConstruct
>> 	    patch-src_mongo_base_initializer.h
>> 	    patch-src_mongo_platform_random.cpp
>> 	    patch-src_mongo_platform_stack__locator__netbsd.cpp
>> 	    patch-src_mongo_shell_linenoise__utf8.h
>> 	    patch-src_mongo_util_processinfo__netbsd.cpp
>> Removed Files:
>> 	pkgsrc/databases/mongodb3/patches: patch-debian_mongod.conf
>> 	    patch-src_mongo_db_dbwebserver.cpp
>> 	    patch-src_mongo_db_fts_unicode_string.cpp
>> 	    patch-src_mongo_platform_stack__locator__dragonfly.cpp
>> 	    patch-src_mongo_util_net_miniwebserver.cpp
>> Log Message:
>> mongodb3: updated to 3.4.21
> I am having two problems with this update.  One is about the build
> system and non-obvious; I'm including tech-pkg in the hopes that someone
> can spot the trouble.  The other is the inclusion of a file under the
> Building under netbsd-8 amd64, I get:
>  Checking if C compiler is GCC 5.3.0 or newer...yes
>  Checking if C++ compiler is GCC 5.3.0 or

Weird. C compiler is fine, but C++ is not? What does "g++ -version" report? Do you have another compiler installed?

> The other issue is that the new version has a file licensed under the
> Server Side Public License.  I can certainly understand that this was
> overlooked because it is not mentioned in the upstream changes and
> unexpected:
>  src/mongo/util/net/ssl_options_test.cpp
> I wonder if we have to roll back to a version without that, or if we can
> rm this file post-extract because it is not used in the build.

This is a unit-test file, which is not compiled into the final product. I guess it is a mistake from upstream. Someone has imported this file from another branch.

Kind regards,

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