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Re: where should manpages and .packlist for rt4 extensions go?


(also directly paging ryoon@ who is MAINTAINER for devel/rt4)

Thus wrote Greg Troxel (

> "S.P.Zeidler" <> writes:
> True, but I would try to fix this by  changing
>     # INSTALLDIRS=vendor should install manpages into /usr/share/man.
>     # That is the default path in most distributions. Need input from
>     # Redhat, Centos etc.
>     $self->makemaker_args( INSTALLVENDORMAN1DIR => "/usr/share/man/man1" );
>     $self->makemaker_args( INSTALLVENDORMAN3DIR => "/usr/share/man/man3" );
>     $self->makemaker_args( INSTALLVENDORARCH => "/usr/share/man" );
> to instead substitute in the pgksrc paths (via patching to @MAN1@, and
> then with SUBST_SED, in the build of the install module),

$RT::BasePath is PREFIX and readily available.
     $self->makemaker_args( INSTALLVENDORMAN1DIR => "$RT::BasePath/share/man/man1" );
     $self->makemaker_args( INSTALLVENDORMAN3DIR => "$RT::BasePath/share/man/man3" );

gives us manpages in the appropriate subdirs of (prefix=/usr/pkg)
/usr/pkg/share/man and that makes sense.

However, if we point INSTALLVENDORARCH to PREFIX/share/man, we get
auto/RT/Extension/ExtensionName/.packlist put there for a packlist
listing the perl modules and the man pages, and I think that's ugly.

$self->makemaker_args( INSTALLVENDORARCH => "$RT::PluginPath/$name/$Config{api_versionstring}/$Config{archname}"

puts the .packlist into e.g. (prefix=/usr/pkg, perl=5.28, amd64):

with the rest of the parts of the extension plugin also under
/usr/pkg/share/rt4/plugins/RT-Extension-ExtensionName, e.g.

The default for perl packages in pkgsrc would put things into
and the packlist into
so we would match the usual path for .packlist with a different topdir,
giving if not least, less surprise.

(p5-* manpages end up under /usr/pkg/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/man;
that's not usually in MANPATH)

> I am not quite clear what's going on in terms of paths, but if you can
> articulate what the right place is, it should be feasible to SUBST it
> in.

How is easy, whereto is the interesting part. :)


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