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Re: where should manpages and .packlist for rt4 extensions go?

"S.P.Zeidler" <> writes:

> I'm not happy with rt extensions being installed into /var, so would
> prefer if pkgsrc packages defined 'MAKE_ENV+= INSTALLDIRS="vendor"'
> resulting in installation to $PluginPath (/usr/pkg/share/rt4/plugins
> for prefix=/usr/pkg).

That sounds like the right thing.

> That at present gives us attempts to install man pages and .packlist
> into /usr/share/man, which is definitely not where they belong.

True, but I would try to fix this by  changing

    # INSTALLDIRS=vendor should install manpages into /usr/share/man.
    # That is the default path in most distributions. Need input from
    # Redhat, Centos etc.
    $self->makemaker_args( INSTALLVENDORMAN1DIR => "/usr/share/man/man1" );
    $self->makemaker_args( INSTALLVENDORMAN3DIR => "/usr/share/man/man3" );
    $self->makemaker_args( INSTALLVENDORARCH => "/usr/share/man" );

to instead substitute in the pgksrc paths (via patching to @MAN1@, and
then with SUBST_SED, in the build of the install module), so that the
installed program just has the right paths *for that pkgsrc

> If we just comment out the lines about INSTALLVENDORMAN1DIR,
> and ${PERL5_SUB_INSTALLVENDORARCH}, which works but may not be the best
> option.

I am not quite clear what's going on in terms of paths, but if you can
articulate what the right place is, it should be feasible to SUBST it

Arguably upstream is buggy because this module should have captured
--mandir at configure time (assuming autoconf, with the notion that
other build systems should have equivalent mechanisms), instead of
hardcoding something that works in some fraction of GNU/Linux

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