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Re: rust crate package help

> stopped me while working on packaging nary.
> backporting this patch would require adjusting the
> cargo checksums in the ../vendors/termios-0.3.1/
> folder.
> Is there any support for defining pkgsrc crates
> in pkgsrc packages? In other words, one soution
> I can think about is packaging termios once + patching it
> and then adjusting all checksums in packages which use it
> according.
> Or maybe I'm way off with this approach.

Without having looked at this in detail, I may have a couple of

1) The patch itself can probably use the normal pkgsrc patch
   method.  However, as you've noticed, this will invalidate the
   cargo checksum.

   The rust package itself also needs to patch checksummed
   sources, so its Makefile contains in the post-extract target
   some invocations of sed to change the cargo checksum files
   (because patch apparently can't handle the long lines in

2) Pkgsrc has some infrastructure for packages to depend on other
   cargo crates.  An example can be found in devel/cbindgen/.

Best regards,

- Håvard

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