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Re: mongodb build problems?

Adam <> writes:

>> Is anyone able to build mongodb?   As I understand it, mongodb requires
>> scons to build, and needs py-cheetah, which (inexplicably in 2019 :-)
>> requires 2.7.
>> scons is a TOOL, so it shouldn't be buildlinked, and it should be ok
>> that scons was built with 37, as is now default.
> I built that (and updated) some time ago. I guess if you build scons with Python 2.7 it should work.

It does not work, and there seem to be multiple issues.  Could you build
(and fix if necessary) on netbsd-8?

(So far I have no reports that mongodb builds, except for you, who I
understand to be building on netbsd-current.   Let me know if I have
that wrong).

> There is cheetah3 on PyPI which supports Python 3.x. I have a package for it (to be imported in the near future), if you need.

Post branch, it would be good to have things work with 3.x.  Obviously
we aren't going to drop 2.7 any time soon, but things with lots of
dependencies seem likely to be particularly troubled.

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