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Re: librsvg as tool dependency and LIBRSVG_USE_RUST


It looks good to me.

Thank you.

Greg Troxel <> writes:

> Leonardo Taccari <> writes:
>> Greg Troxel writes:
>> Should it be renamed to LIBRSVG_TYPE having as possible values `c' and
>> `rust'?  I would find it (LIBRSVG_TYPE) more consistent with other
>> pkgsrc variables too and prefer that.
> That sounds ok.
> There is a larger-scale consistency issue about separating variables in
> schemes like this into user-settable (preference), package-settable
> (what implementations are acceptable), and the chosen value (_TYPE), but
> I think what you have proposed is aligned well enough with existing
> practice that it wouldn't be reasonable to insist on further
> rationalization.
>> I would prefer to keep it as  In the pkgsrc tree there are
>> other used similarly and I think that all BUILD_DEPENDS (except
>> meta-pkgs/bulk-medium that is "special") depends on librsvg as a tool
>> dependency (TOOL_DEPENDS) for rsvg-convert.
> Given that there is precedent and that this isn't special about rust,
> I'm ok with it.
>> An updated version of the patch that rename LIBRSVG_USE_RUST to
>> LIBRSVG_TYPE is attached.
> No objections from me.  Thanks for fixing this.

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