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Re: fuse-ntfs-3g

Greg Troxel <> wrote:

> I tested on netbsd-8.  Are you saying that the ntfs code will end up
> with a -lperfuse on a link line and thus need a direct bl3?   I would
> expect the ntfs code to depend on libfuse and then indirect dependency
> is ok.

My point is that if you use libfuse, you should need to care about
perfuse in a filesystem package, since libfuse already depends on it.

> > In filesystems/ltfs I just had to do this, without any ${OPSYS} test:
> > .include "../../filesystems/fuse/"
> And did you test it on all systems?  As I understand it, mk/fuse ends up
> using the semi-native version on MacOS, and it was not clear what
> filesystems/fuse does.

I only tested NetBSD. mk/fuse brings refuse and cause ltfs to crash
because some prototypes differ.

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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