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Small weirdness in x11/qt5-qtbase

In the Makefile for x11/qt5-qtbase there is this bit:

.  if !empty(MESALIB_SUPPORTS_EGL:Myes)
PLIST.egl=      yes
.  endif

I have just built the new 2019-Q1 branch, and I find that I have to set
that variable to "yes", even though MESALIB_SUPPORTS_EGL is "no".
A simple added "PLIST.egl=      yes" works around this easily.

I had this before, then I had to comment it out, and this time around I
have to re-enable it, so it is some weird thing that seems to come and

This is NetBSD-8.0/amd64 with "base" X11 and MesaLib-11.2.2nb10 in

In MesaLib I also had to unconditionally remove 

-CFLAGS+=               -DHAVE_DRI3
-CONFIGURE_ARGS+=       --enable-dri3
+CONFIGURE_ARGS+=       --disable-dri3

because some time earlier, that didn't build. I haven't checked how that
is now; I wonder if it is somehow related.

Anybody has any idea off the tops of their heads? Is it worth looking
into, in light of the imminent switch to MesaLib 18?

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