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Re: Building GraphicsMagick without ghostscript

David Brownlee <> writes:

> GraphicsMagick can be set to build without ghostscript
> PKG_OPTIONS.GraphicsMagick=-ghostscript
> but still pulls in ghostscript at build time due to gs:run
> The attached should avoid this by only adding gs:run inside the
> ghostscript option - does this make sense?

It sort of seems too, but have you confirmed that when building with gs
not visible, it doesn't try to use it, and the package really builds ok?

> Given the switch to agpl ghostscript by default this might be a useful
> switch for people for this pkgsrc branch...

If you are wanting to commit this now best to ask jperkin explicitly.

If you are just proposing to fix up the -ghostscript option to avoid gs
harder, and not proposing to change the default (i.e., the patch you
sent), seems ok to me.  (Changing defaults is a much bigger deal.)

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