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Re: pkgsrc is frozen for 2019Q1

On 3/27/19 9:06 AM, Jonathan Perkin wrote:

pkgsrc is now frozen in preparation for 2019Q1.  The usual rules
apply.  Any help fixing packages is highly appreciated, there are
plenty to go around.

I will be branching either late over the weekend or on Monday.


For anyone interested in fixing Linux issues, I recently completed a bulk build on CentOS 7 minimal.

My builds are always done on a bare-bones system with only the GCC suite and openjdk installed from Yum, so there will be minimal leakage issues.  This is important since build systems sometimes produce different results on installations with more Yum/Debian packages preinstalled.

Packages and logs for failed packages are here:

( Or substitute mirror2 for mirror1 )

I have fixes ready for bcftools and numba and will be looking for other low-hanging fruit the rest of this week.

Please let me know if you are working on others and I'll be happy to tests patches on my pbulk server.

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