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Re: Please consider inclusion of my mk/ and the wip/openblas{,_pthread,_openmp} packages

On 3/26/19 8:50 AM, Dr. Thomas Orgis wrote:
Am Sun, 24 Mar 2019 22:59:41 +0100
schrieb "Dr. Thomas Orgis" <>:

	1. Please import attached file to pkgsrc/mk/ .
	2. Please import wip/openblas{,_pthread,_openmp} .
Part 1 is pkg/54079 now. I'm not too exited about part 2 … but part 1
is important to be able to push updates to wip that use it.

Alrighty then,


This is a high priority for pkgsrc in HPC.

Sorry I've been somewhat incognito the past few months.  I was swamped doing complete rebuilds on two large clusters.

That work is mostly complete, so I should be more involved in the coming months and hope to commit numerous new scientific packages, many of which will rely on BLAS.



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