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Re: sysutils/nnn: update to 2.4

Op wo mrt 20 2019, om 9:06 schreef Roy Marples:
> I believe we have a similar system for readline/editline and nnn should 
> follow the same pattern, unless it delves deep into readline and won't 
> work with anything else.

I believe there is a misunderstanding: the readline option for nnn
already uses that mechanism through mk/ rather
than depending on the package directly.

(Also note that the difference isn't that readline was added as an
optional dependency, but that it was made optional.)

>  > b) to facilitate binary package users
> I don't understand this at all.

Since you can't change options for prebuilt packages it seems better to
have a little bit too much (if such a thing can even be said for such a
small and common dependency) than to be left wanting.


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