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Re: rust 1.33.0 bootstrap fails on NetBSD/aarch64

On 2019/03/05 18:53, Havard Eidnes wrote:
Bootstrap fails on NetBSD/aarch64 (built from -HEAD as of today):

Hmm, is this part active in your pkg Makefile?

# Getting RPATH with $ORIGIN into bootstrap may be troublesome, so
# uncommenting the LD_LIBRARY_PATH setting may be required to run
# the bootstrap

What happens if you set LD_LIBRARY_PATH accordingly, and do a new
ldd of the rustc bootstrap compiler?

Sorry for confusing you. There's no problem in Makefile: That part is
active, and rustc can find libraries. The problem is that rustc is
linked against libstdc++ with wrong ABI, as pointed out by wiz:


Best regards,

- Havard

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