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Re: rust 1.33.0 bootstrap fails on NetBSD/aarch64

>> > he@'s bootstrap kits may lack RPATH $ORIGIN because they are
>> > created in pkgsrc framework.
>> Not only that -- some of them are cross-built, and the only way
>> I've found to tweak RPATH is "natively", which would make putting
>> together a cross-built bootstrap kit quite cumbersome (and would
>> in this case require me to get hold of an aarch64 machine).
> I wonder if we could avoid stripping the $ORIGIN out of the bootstrap 
> binaries. Even on older NetBSD versions where it does not work it should
> not hurt.

Then someone needs to fix and approve a change to cwrapper; quite
a bit earlier Ryo told me:

> It is hardcoded in pkgsrc/pkgtools/cwrapper.
> See:
> pkgsrc/pkgtools/cwrappers/files/bin/generic-transform-cc.c
>    314  generic_transform_cc(struct arglist *args)
> (snip)
>    438                  if (*path != '/')
>    439                          continue;
> (snip)


- Havard

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