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Re: rust 1.33.0 bootstrap fails on NetBSD/aarch64

> he@'s bootstrap kits may lack RPATH $ORIGIN because they are
> created in pkgsrc framework.

Not only that -- some of them are cross-built, and the only way
I've found to tweak RPATH is "natively", which would make putting
together a cross-built bootstrap kit quite cumbersome (and would
in this case require me to get hold of an aarch64 machine).

> And it seems that PKGSRC_MAKE_ENV is not used custom do-build
> target of lang/rust package.
> I am not sure about what is intended to use PKGSRC_MAKE_ENV,
> however the following patch may fix your build.

Hm, ok...  If that fixes it, I guess I'll need to update the
package, so please tell me if that works (changing


- Håvard

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