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Re: update databases/sqlitebrowser

Brook Milligan <> writes:

> I am trying to install the databases/sqlite package.  As it stands, it
> appears to install only the binary, even though various additional
> files are listed in PLIST; these are all resource files (e.g.,
> share/appdata, share/applications, share/icons).  The PLIST was
> changed during the upgrade to 3.8.0, but I see no changes in Makefile
> at that time to install these additional files.
> Are resource files like that supposed to be installed automatically by
> pkgsrc or must there be explicit post-install actions (or are there
> magic variables to set)?

Arguably the upstream build system should be installing them; I would
call it an upstream bug if that doesn't happen.  I suggest looking at
configure or equivalent to see if there are --enable-foo options for

> In any case, I had to add the following to my Makefile to get them
> installed.  Is this the correct solution?  Should it be committed or
> am I missing something?

Unclear depending on upstream's intent about their build system.  But
quite plausibly ok if upstream is declining to install things that
should be installed.  Probably should have an upstream bug report URL.

> A related issue is that the images/sqlitebrowser.png file distributed
> with the source is a screenshot of the GUI.  Thus, it seems
> inappropriate to install that in share/icons as suggested by the
> PLIST.  In contrast, the images/sqlitebrowser.svg file seems more
> appropriate as an icon.  Presumably, that needs to be converted to a
> PNG file before installation, right?  Is my solution below, i.e.,
> commit the converted file in ${FILESDIR} the correct solution?

Seems like an upstream bug.  Report and include URL in a comment!  Often
this just results in the bug getting closed, but often I learn something
or the bug is fixed when I do this.

Converting is a workaround to the upstream bug and checking in is a
workaround to requiring a converter at build time, and that seems
reasonable as a tradeoff in the grand scheme of things.

Perhaps somebody else has more experience with this sort of issue.

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