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Re: libpoppler mismatch for pdflatex writes:

> On Sun, Jan 27, 2019 at 10:23:57AM -0500, Greg Troxel wrote:
>> It strikes me as a bug that 'pkgin install' updates anything at all, vs
>> only adding.
>> The basic issue is that all packages must be from a consistent build, so
>> you basically have to run 'pkgin fug' or you are going to have trouble.
>> but maybe I am missing something.
> Our current setup does not make it possible to major bump a library any
> other way.

Understood.  What I meant is that given how pkgsrc works, with
a recursive PKGREVISION++ when a shlib major changes (really, when an
ABI changes), then package managers have to behave in certain ways.
Generally, the advice is that all packages must be built from a
consistent pkgsrc tree, either a quarterly branch (where we in theory
attempt not to change ABIs), or HEAD from some moment in time.

Given that, having pkgin update a package behind one's back while asking
for an update, seems like a bug.  Really once the repository has
changed, it's necessary for soundness to do an update of all installed
packages to the versions in the new repository before installing any new
packages.  Of course, often one can get away with less.

So really I am questioning the wisdom of having an install command
change any currently-installed package.

> If we are lucky, "don't delete the stale file" will do the right thing.

Sometimes, but if e.g. both and are both called
for by different dependencies, that seems like a mess.  I guess in the
base system it tends to work, but installed programs seem to depend on
base system libraries, and we don't have such a complicated dependency
tree, if one things of vertices as sets of packages that are updated

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