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libpoppler mismatch for pdflatex

I was using pdflatex successfully, when I happened to read my daily 
security report which encouraged me to do:

sudo pkgin install cairo jansson gnupg2 git-base wget xpdf

Then I got:

Shared object "" not found
pdflatex failed
Could not run pdflatex.

t1:farsight$ objdump -x  /usr/pkg/bin/pdflatex | grep NEED | grep 

The pkgin above upgraded

My pdflatex is from tex-latex-bin-2016nb1. It is a symlink to pfdtex 
from web2c-2018nb4.

It has open
/var/db/pkg/web2c-2018nb4/+CONTENTS:@pkgdep poppler>=0.68.0

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