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Re: wip/gnurl: Request for review

Greg Troxel transcribed 719 bytes:
> writes:
> > I'm in the process of updating gnunet for NetBSD/pkgsrc, exploring
> > the possibility to offer the upstream choice we provide (use curl, 
> > or recommended: gnurl).
> I don't quite follow.  I think you are suggesting that people be able to
> install this instead, so that things that depend on curl could have the
> dependency satisfied by gnurl?  That typically requires support in a bl3
> file for curl that checks some variable and depends on one or the other.

Yes. Okay, thanks.
Our buildsystem checks for curl or gnurl and prefers gnurl if both are 

> > There's an open question about ensuring that a GnuTLS built against
> > libunbound (DANE) is used.

Because I keep forgetting what we use this "optional, but highly recommended"
dependency for I need to add it to the README of gnunet. So far I'd say we
can live without DANE validation support for the moment.
Ensuring was the wrong word, I just like to set defaults, as we have a
variety of options for gnunet.

> In pkgsrc, we don't have the notion of forcing options on dependencies.
> However, you should be able to fail the build if isn't how you need.

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