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wip/gnurl: Request for review


I have a request for review for wip/gnurl (pushed a couple of
minutes ago) in the pkgsrc-wip repository.

gnurl ( is a microfork of curl I'm
maintaining for gnunet as a gnunet developer.

I'm in the process of updating gnunet for NetBSD/pkgsrc, exploring
the possibility to offer the upstream choice we provide (use curl, 
or recommended: gnurl).

There's an open question about ensuring that a GnuTLS built against
libunbound (DANE) is used.

I tested this under NetBSD/amd64 8.0, pkglint reported no errors.
As I did the release on NetBSD earlier this month and tests checked
out alright, I can asume no errors appear at runtime.
I can not test under different hardware.

If everything looks good, I would like to become the maintainer for
this package.


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