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Re: Inverted OPSYS conditional in graphics/MesaLib/ ?

On Sun 15 Apr 2018 at 19:39:49 +0200, Rhialto wrote:
> Isn't that conditional the wrong way around? NetBSD doesn't have dri3,
> at least 7.0 doesn't. There is also no package providing it (at least on
> the stable pkgsrc-2018Q1 branch, where this fragment also exists).

I see that in
the config phase fails, and doesn't even get to the dri3 failure.

Perhaps it helps if I add that I found that I require the following
settings in mk.conf (for a 7.0 system):

PREFER.libdrm = pkgsrc  # req'd by MesaLib
PREFER.MesaLib = pkgsrc
PREFER.glu = ${PREFER.MesaLib}  # automatically correct for most; req'd
for xscreensaver = ${PREFER.MesaLib}  # req'd by xscreensaver
# GL, gle and glu should generally match up, PREFER-wise.

Plus the patches to disable dri3 (reported upthread) and the ones to fix
the undefined symbol table_noop_array (reported separately, also
PR pkg/53239), I get all of these to work.

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