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Re: how to get the LOCALBASE in pkg_add?

Nevermind, this is defined inside binary packages, so the INSTALL script could 
handle the case where a local VCS respository is enabled by the user but no 
path is set in pkg_install.conf 

On Thursday, 26 April 2018 12:19:29 CEST you wrote:
> Hi, pkgsrc allows the user to set a LOCALBASE (defaulting to /usr/pkg) in
> mk.conf.
> I'm trying to understand pkgtools/pkg_install and it seems that no LOCALBASE
> can be set in pkg_install.conf, as it's not parsed by pkgtools/pkg_install/
> files/lib/parse-config.c;
> only PKG_DBDIR is set there, defaulting to /var/db/pkg
> (pkgtools/pkg_install/ lib/pkgdb.c).
> I need to create a directory for a new feature that, if not disabled by the
> user, I'd like to be under LOCALBASE/pkgetc (and not under /var/db/pkgetc,
> in order to support unprivileged installations).
> Is there any way to get which is the LOCALBASE in pkg_install, without
> resorting to parsing mk.conf?

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