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Re: url2pkg with github

> 8. 4. 2018 v 15:37,
> Hi,
> I had some trouble with some github releases.
> I don't have many examples (I always forget to save them), but this is
> one:
>  url2pkg "";
> didn't DTRT
> How about the following change?
> I don't know what is right, I just had to fight github stuff a lot.
> In this case, it adds GITHUB_TAG=release-0.3.0

You should feed the .tar.gz download link to url2pkg, not the ‘release’ page link, i.e.

rather than

(That said, url2pkg ends up with a working but suboptimal Makefile, where DISTNAME is set to the GITHUB_TAG, which is more often than not hardly useful, but that’s another problem.)


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