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Re: [PATCH] overdue update of math/cgal, need to push cad/openscad, x11/qt5-qscintilla

Am Mon, 12 Mar 2018 00:49:31 +0000
schrieb David Holland <>:

> I don't think openscad even builds at the moment (it is complaining
> that cgal is too old) -- my inclination would be to go ahead with cgal
> and worry about it afterwards.

How ironic. So I hope the change goes in soon (reinoud?). For now, I'm
a bit annoyed by each cvs update seemingly pulling a change in
math/cgal that just increments PKGREVISION and thus breaks my patch.
I'd be more happy to see that the patch now fails because version 4.11
is there;-)

Alrighty then,


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