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Re: [PATCH] overdue update of math/cgal, need to push cad/openscad, x11/qt5-qscintilla

On Fri, Mar 09, 2018 at 07:48:30PM +0100, Dr. Thomas Orgis wrote:
 > I needed CGAL for some users some time ago and bumped the ancient
 > version 3.9 in pkgsrc to 4.11 with the attached patch (updated to
 > current CVS). Now I wondered if one could just push this into pkgsrc
 > proper. Looked around: The only package depending on this seems to be
 > cad/openscad. Since math/cgal switched to qt5, I presume the same needs
 > to happen to openscad. Since openscad depends on qt4-qscintilla, I
 > guess we will also need qt5-qscintilla.

I don't think openscad even builds at the moment (it is complaining
that cgal is too old) -- my inclination would be to go ahead with cgal
and worry about it afterwards.

David A. Holland

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