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Re: Suggestion to tackle opensls 1.1.0

On Feb 21, 11:59am, wrote:
} this seems to do the right thing:
} PREFER_PKGSRC=openpam openssl heimdal

     This is a total non-starter.

} only leaving out references to /usr/lib/, at least I tested
} with postgresql

     It is obvious from your comments that you don't know anything
about PAM.  PAM is infrastructure for supplying various types of
authentication modules to applications without the application
having to know anything about the modules or how they do authentication.

     Applications in base would linked against the infrastructure
in base.  Linking a PAM module in pkgsrc against openpam in pkgsrc
would be potentially useless as an application in base would then
not be able to use the module.

}-- End of excerpt from

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