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verifypc and pkg-config logs

At some point recently the format of the config file left behind by
pkg-config changed, with the result that verifypc spews errors.

While investigating this just now I discovered a bigger problem: every
time you run pkg-config it truncates the log file, so we no longer get
a complete log of the pkg-config invocations, just the material from
the last one. (As far as I can tell, anyway.)

What should be done about this? I see the following options, all with
   - give up on verifypc, which few people seem to use or care about;
   - patch pkgconf to open the log file with "a" instead of "w", with
     possible negative consequences elsewhere;
   - let pkg-config generate the log one invocation at a time, and
     teach the pkgsrc infrastructure to collect a complete log.

The problem with improving the infrastructure is that the only natural
way to do it is to extend the wrapper script in .tools/bin, and the
logic for creating these doesn't seem to be able to do that, so it
would need to be extended.


David A. Holland

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