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Re: glibmm build issues with gcc 4.8 writes:

> you seem to have flawed perceptions about the state of pkgsrc GCC, which
> until recently was barely functional for netbsd. the platforms that
> can't build pkgsrc GCC aren't esoteric, they include, e.g. netbsd/arm.

This is the first time I've seen somebody say that so clearly.   Perhaps
you can send a brief summary of what works and what doesn't.

> I've been fighting to make this work for forever and everyone just seems
> to think this works, how do you think it would magically happen? nobody
> in netbsd seems to care about upstreaming GCC work and leaving it up to
> anyone who wants functional packages.

This is a good point, but making pkgsrc gcc work is largely separable
from whether systems with old base should use newer pkgsrc gcc when it
does work.

> the last time someone has made a netbsd-related change to GCC was around
> a decade ago. there are entire targets not upstreamed. I'd like to take
> a break from working on pkgsrc or netbsd and I'm seeing tech-pkg
> conspiring to remove support for half of my hardware and not even
> realizing it as I'm repeatedly stating it

Nobody is talking about removing support.  We are talking about using
pkgsrc to build newer gcc in places where it works.  Systems where
pkgsrc gcc doesn't build already necessarily build things with the base
gcc and this leads to failures for packages requiring newer compilers
and I don't see that changing.

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