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Re: Selecting a C++ compiler

On 10/11/17 03:12, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
* On 2017-10-11 at 01:34 BST, Greg Troxel wrote:

Or to fail hard if c++11 is in USE_LANGUAGES and < 5.1?
Not < 5.1, I've been very happily using 4.9 for our SmartOS builds for
a long time with no obvious issues, and this would screw me over.

However, I think I'm of the opinion that we should just fail hard if
an insufficient compiler is detected.  If compiler/ has taught
me anything it's that it is vastly over-complicated and a nightmare to
maintain.  Adding another layer of complexity and magic on top is just
going to make things worse.

I'd prefer we simply abort, tell the user to choose a decent compiler
for all C++ packages, then let them sort things out based on those
requirements and any local preferences they may have.

+1 for simplicity.  I prefer to expose problems and force a proper solution over trying to cleverly work around them.

Earth is a beta site.

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