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Re: Selecting a C++ compiler

> "doesn't support the used dialect" is not black and white.
-std=c++14 gives an error for 48 (black) but not with 49 (white).

> For some C++11 programs, GCC 4.7 is enough
Then they shouldn't be adding c++11 to USE_LANGUAGES, no?

> others might need up to GCC 5.1 (for a compliant STL implementation).
They can still set GCC_REQD+= 5.1.

The points are
-- enforce (sort of) all C++ packages being built with one gcc version
-- prevent GCC_REQD accidently using a higher version for a single package
-- additionally catch too-low GCC version wrt. USE_LANGUAGES.

I'd argue that this is a large improvement over
-- people building packages with different gcc versions
-- developers sprinkling GCC_REQD across packages
-- users (like me) struggling with build errors.

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