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Re: Bootstrapping without cwrappers

On 16/04/2017 19:00, Pierre Pronchery wrote:
            Hi tech-pkg@,

since cwrappers was enabled by default on some platforms, it is
effectively impossible to bootstrap without cwrappers there.

The patch attached here is a first attempt at fixing it. It basically
turns "--cwrappers" into "--cwrappers <auto|yes|no>", while keeping the
default to "auto" of course.

On a related note, is the following part still necessary?

# cwrappers is special, we don't want to set it as a BOOTSTRAP_PKG but must
# build it (if required) without -DPKG_PRESERVE set so that it can be deleted.
use_cwrappers=`(cd $pkgsrcdir/devel/bmake && $bmake show-var VARNAME=_USE_CWRAPPERS)`
case "$use_cwrappers" in
        build_package_nopreserve "pkgtools/cwrappers"

This is the only user of build_package_nopreserve(), which could therefore also be removed along.


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