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Re: Bootstrapping without cwrappers


On 16/04/2017 19:20, Taylor R Campbell wrote:
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2017 19:00:52 +0200
From: Pierre Pronchery <>

since cwrappers was enabled by default on some platforms, it is
effectively impossible to bootstrap without cwrappers there.

The patch attached here is a first attempt at fixing it. It basically
turns "--cwrappers" into "--cwrappers <auto|yes|no>", while keeping the
default to "auto" of course.

What's the benefit of bootstrapping without cwrappers?

* Working on the mk/wrapper framework even on platforms where cwrappers
  is the default.
* Being able to use and work on pkgsrc even when cwrappers is broken
  (eg with my own local patches)

For one thing, I am investigating how to improve the situation with MKPIE - which is currently not working with cwrappers enabled - and I ran into this issue.


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